The range of toiletries below come in assorted colours, beautify, moisturize and keep your skin smooth:

  1. Limo pack, 60gToilet Soap

  2. Fancy Green with Aloe Vera, 80g

  3. Fancy Blue with Glycerin, 80g

  4. Polo tablet, 80g

  5. Polo, 70g

  6. Polo Smile, 60g

  7. Royal Red, 80g

  8. Royal White, 80g

  9. Lora, 25g, 50g and 75g
  10. Septol Hotel, 25g
  11. Fancy Hotel, 25g and

  12. Big, 80g

Frequent use of our range of toiletries will leave your skin softer, smoother and refreshed.